It all began when two young female professionals, unwed and full of life, realized there was a community missing while traveling together in Morocco. Many of our friends are settling down and we're still in a state of wanderlust exploring the world. We want to create a platform to engage, entertain and connect with likeminded women. A safe place for any woman out there that has the itch to go but hesitant to press go! 

We aim to create meet-ups for face-to-face interaction since virtually just isn't enough.

We travel, work, live, and think of our next trip at any given moment.

We forgo large purchases in order for a trip in a far away land.  

We strongly believe that the only thing you can buy that enriches you is travel.

We're in this together.


What are your roadblocks?


Just press Go! This event's topic of discussion will be focused on what are your travel roadblocks? Why aren't you hitting the road? What is preventing you from going?  We know this can be varied. Some typical ones are monetary, professional, however what is it that we may not say out loud?


To my younger self


Best tips you could give your younger self? What was it that you wish you knew 5, 10, 15 years ago? Some of us strongly take advice and tips to heart when making decisions regarding our life, products we buy, where we go, what we eat and what destination is next! This will be a light-hearted and fun dialogue. 


let's go!


We all have a list of places we want to go now, next year, or next month! Some of us avidly await New York Times "Places to go" list, use our friend's itinerary, or those of travel bloggers and travel influencers. Well, have you booked it yet? We want you to hit that list and check those boxes! This will be a meetup to connect with others and make those plans!