How do you join women in wanderlust?

Contact us! Send us an email to let's get started. Or engage with us on instagram or facebook.

must you be female?

We are openminded group and do not discriminate. This community supports women who travel. We are happy to listen to ideas, stories and ways in which to grow this community.

do I need to be single?

No, but we find that our most engaged participants are single. Again, we are an openminded group that is open to all. We are inclusive of all people in a state of wanderlust!


Do you hold meetups?

Not at this time. We are happy to hear your suggestions on locations and times, etc. 

How do I become a contributor?

Contact us and let's get started! 

i want to collaborate how do I contact you?

Contact us here and let us know more about you and how we can start!


Are there trips I can join?

We are working on that right now. Stay tuned!