Money Grows on Trees

Right?! If only. 

What do you enjoy spending your money on?

Well, here at women in wanderlust we enjoy the daydream, setting aside our money and planning for our next adventure. 

When typing that I think of some of my friends who, at times, have said, "oh, I wish I could travel like you do." Well, you sure can. Everyone enjoys spending their money on something. Whether that be the yummiest food in town, designer clothes, trainers, routine pampering at spas or freshly delivered home meals. 

Over the last year I've noticed many quotes that support spending your money on travel from Mark Twain to Miki Agrawal (cofounder of Thinx). On a recent Freakonomics podcast Miki mentioned, "Best money I'll ever spend is traveling." I couldn't agree more. 

So what is your favorite splurge, expense, or travel quote?